Olga Saukh

Assistant Professor at TU Graz, Institute of Technical Informatics (ITI)
Resident scientist at Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH Vienna)


I believe teaching should go beyond teaching a subject and involve teaching a whole person. Knowledge is not enought, it is what we do with that knowledge that matters. We need to educate the students to question rather than blindly follow, to think beyond themselves and their own communities, to analyse how their decisions affect others now and in the future.

This page summarizes my teaching experience.

TU Graz: Lecturer, exercise instructor, examinator

ETH Zurich: Assistant, backup lecturer, exercise instructor

University of Bonn: Exercise instructor

  • Lecture: Sensornetze, 2007, in German.
  • Seminar: Selected Topics in Sensor Network Research, 2008, in English.

University of Stuttgart: Exercise instructor

  • Lecture: System-Software für Sensornetze, 2006, in German.